Lab work­er #1: Mur­der on­ly ap­plies to hu­mans. It’s a term spe­cif­ic to us.
Lab work­er #2: You can’t ‘mur­der’ a dream?
Lab work­er #1: You can’t mur­der ba­by cows.
Lab work­er #2: What about cats?
Lab work­er #1: No. Cats can’t be mur­dered… Un­less they?re half-cat, half-per­son.
Lab work­er #2: Then it’s half mur­der.
Lab work­er #1: Even if it’s pre­med­i­tat­ed, it’s knocked back to manslaugh­ter. That?s prob­a­bly why the cat peo­ple think we’re bi­ased against them, but re­al­ly it’s just that the le­gal sys­tem wasn?t set up with them in mind. [Si­lence.] I’ve thought about this a lot.

Durham, North Car­oli­na