On Wednes­day we will be launch­ing This will be the site for all the things you over­hear over the cu­bi­cle walls at work, as well as the BS that peo­ple spout dur­ing meet­ings. Is your boss an a‑hole? Does he “lever­age” his id­io­cy “proac­tive­ly” in­to hi­lar­i­ous quotes? Then send them to us here. We’d like as many sub­mis­sions as pos­si­ble be­fore we go live, from all over the coun­try (and the world)!


In ad­di­tion, we need a new ban­ner for the site. All you arty types: take our lo­go [gif | PSD] and run with it. We’ll use a bunch of the best ones, and we’ll give you cred­it and a link. E‑mail us your work here (with “Over­heard in the Of­fice” in the sub­ject line).