CSR: Good morn­ing. ABC Bank* — how can I help you?
Cus­tomer: I’d like to talk to the per­son who an­swers the phones af­ter hours — y’­know, the 24-hour line?
CSR: The 24-hour line is au­to­mat­ed, but I can put you through to–
Cus­tomer: –No, no, no. I want to talk to the la­dy who an­swers the phone when you’re closed.
CSR: Oh, see, that’s not an em­ploy­ee. It’s a record­ing.
Cus­tomer: What? No. See, I spoke to her three times last night and she knows my sit­u­a­tion, so I need her. Is she there dur­ing the day?
CSR: … Sir, it’s not a re­al per­son. It’s a record­ing [hangs up].

De­catur, Ten­nessee