Supervisor: We can’t say ‘Summer Solutions’ on this brochure, because it might confuse people in California because it’s summer all the time there. Any ideas of how to reword this?
Staffer: It’s not summer all the time in California. It’s summer during summer time.
Supervisor: But it’s warm all year round, so how do they know it’s summer? We need a way to explain that these things are only intended for the summer.
Staffer: But they still know what summer is, even if it’s still warm during the other seasons.
Supervisor: I’m not sure about that…
Staffer: Summer isn’t about temperature, it’s about the direction of Earth’s axis. Summer is always in June, July, and August. It always starts with the solstice in June.
Supervisor: I don’t know anything about solstices and all that. Let’s just reword this.
Staffer: But California still has a summer. I’m telling you, they know what summer is.
Supervisor: I don’t know. They might get confused.
Staffer: Confused about what?
Supervisor: Confused about when summer is. Like, it’s summer right now, ’cause it’s been warm lately.
Staffer: No… April is in the spring.


Overheard by: rofl in cube next door