Teacher: Can you tell me what states I might find on the West coast of the Unit­ed States?
Stu­dent: The big one on the bot­tom. Mex­i­co is part of the Unit­ed States.
Teacher: No, that is wrong. Mex­i­co is a coun­try, try again.
Stu­dent: Look, my par­ents live here and they said we’re Amer­i­can and they came from Mex­i­co. It’s part of the Unit­ed States.
Teacher: I am telling you, you are wrong. Mex­i­co is a coun­try — it has its own gov­ern­ment.
Stu­dent: Look, if it was its own coun­try then why is every­one just walk­ing over here? That’s what I did and I’m still here.
An­oth­er stu­dent pulls out cell: Not for long.

School, Desert Marigold Lane
Las Ve­gas, Neva­da