Cowork­er over in­ter­com: It’s been brought to our at­ten­tion that there is a downed pow­er line in the court­yard. Please avoid it when walk­ing be­tween build­ings. [Five min­utes lat­er] An ad­den­dum to the last mes­sage: Please avoid walk­ing be­tween build­ings if pos­si­ble. [Five min­utes more, fire alarm go­ing off] Okay every­one, we’re go­ing to evac­u­ate Build­ing One*. Every­one please calm­ly make your way to Build­ing Two*.
Boss scream­ing in back­ground: No, no! The oth­er door! Not that way!

5600 Main Street
Kansas City, Mis­souri

Over­heard by: Some­one in the oth­er build­ing…