White cowork­er: So, you’re from Bal­ti­more, right?
Black cowork­er: No, every­one thinks all there is to Mary­land is Bal­ti­more. I’m ac­tu­al­ly from a small town called Up­per Marl­boro, which is clos­er to D.C.
White cowork­er: Re­al­ly? Bal­ti­more is cool. Is where you’re from like Bal­ti­more?
Black cowork­er: Oh, no, it’s very dif­fer­ent. In fact, peo­ple from Bal­ti­more don’t like peo­ple from P.G. so much. They say we’re bour­geois, stuck up, and that we act like white peo­ple. But we don’t act white, we just have mon­ey.

29th Street
New York, New York

Over­heard by: Laugh­ing in­side