Em­ploy­ee: Can I help you?
Cus­tomer: Hi. Yes, may I have a turkey ar­ti­choke pani­ni?
Em­ploy­ee: No.
Cus­tomer: No?
Em­ploy­ee: No. We don’t have those.
Cus­tomer: But it’s right there on your board. Do you mean you ran out of them to­day?
Em­ploy­ee: Yeah, that’s what I said. Or­der the oth­er turkey sand­wich, it’s ex­act­ly the same.
Cus­tomer: Ac­tu­al­ly I think I’ll just have a sal­ad.
Em­ploy­ee: I’ll be right back. [Goes in back room.]Em­ploy­ee: Did you hear what I just said back there?
Cus­tomer: Um­mm… No.
Em­ploy­ee: Good. I mean, cause it was­n’t about you.
Cus­tomer: Ok…

Pan­era Bread Co.
Tysons Cor­ner, Vir­ginia