Man­ag­er: Can you gath­er up the oth­er guys? We have to move a bunch of stuff.
Em­ploy­ee: Fuck you.
Man­ag­er: What did you just say to me?
Em­ploy­ee: Fuck you, ass­hole.
Man­ag­er: Are you nuts?
Em­ploy­ee: Fuck you, bitch.
Man­ag­er: You’re fired. Get out of here.
Em­ploy­ee: I was­n’t clocked in. You can’t fire me.
Man­ag­er walks to com­put­er, clocks him in, says, ‘You’re fired,’ and then clocks him out.
Em­ploy­ee: That’s so un­fair.

Cir­cle Cen­tre Mall

Over­heard by: Shat­man­du