Writer: ‘Port­ly’ sounds cute. Sounds like a nice, bald, fat man in a three-piece suit.
De­sign­er: ‘Port­ly’ sounds like some­one with grease stains on their shirt from drop­ping a piece of chick­en.
Writer: That’s not ‘port­ly!’ That’s obese!
De­sign­er: What’s the dif­fer­ence?
Writer: Obese is like those Sub­way ads be­fore Jared lost his weight. When he was all wild-eyed and sav­age. Clothes all stretched out, noth­ing laun­dered, brim­ming with Big Macs and Crisco sand­which­es.
De­sign­er: They should out­law Crisco. Just straight out make it a crime.
Writer: Yeah.

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