Old­er woman: Yes, I have fif­teen years of com­mis­sion-on­ly sales ex­pe­ri­ence, and I’m ac­cus­tomed to trav­el­ing four days out of the week.
In­ter­view­er: Oh, um, well that’s great. Um, yes, some of our new hires don’t like trav­el­ing be­cause it’s so lone­ly and can be far from home and, um, you know, like soli­tud­ish and lone­ly.
Old­er woman: That’s okay with me. Trav­el is fine, but I can’t trav­el for three weeks out and one week home. I have two cats. I can leave them for four days at a time but not three weeks.
In­ter­view­er: Oh. Well, that’s un­for­tu­nate ’cause we re­al­ly would like you for the job. Well, um, if some­thing would hap­pen that would mean you could take this job, um, like I won’t get in­to what that would be or any­thing mor­bid or sad or anything…but you could al­ways re-ap­ply.

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