Pow­er bro­ker #1: Two large cap­puc­ci­nos.
Cashier: Thank you. That will be $4.50.
Pow­er bro­ker #1: Where’s the cin­na­mon?
Cashier: I’m sor­ry, we’re out of cin­na­mon.
Pow­er bro­ker #1: Then I don’t want it!
Cashier: Ex­cuse me?
Pow­er bro­ker #2: Okay, let’s just bring it back to the of­fice.
Pow­er bro­ker #1: No! Just give me my mon­ey back. I can’t drink the foamy milk with­out the cin­na­mon.

100 Broad­way
New York, New York

Over­heard by: Mark