Cowork­er #1: I am go­ing to come in on Mon­day and tell [Dave] to shove it.
Cowork­er #2: Do I even want to know why?
Cowork­er #1: I’m go­ing to win the lot­tery this week­end. Fifty-six mil­lion dol­lars!
Cowork­er #2: If I win the lot­tery, I will go around run­ning in­to every per­son in Hous­ton who has ever cut me off! And those that come out of the park­ing lot right when the light turns green and then cross all three lanes in front of every­one, I’m just gonna floor it…
Cowork­er #1: Uh, I was just talk­ing about not hav­ing to work for a while.

2875 An­toine
Hous­ton, Texas