Work­er #1: Did you know that Big Lots closed all of its fur­ni­ture stores down? It was no IKEA but it sure had a few nice things in there. Damn I am full of gas this af­ter­noon.
Work­er #2: I did­n’t know they had fur­ni­ture stores…
Work­er #1: Yeah…They have sure­ly came a long way since I was a kid. They al­ways had like the crap­pi­est food stuff. They are a close-out store, right?
Work­er #2: I did­n’t know they had food.
Work­er #1: Well, not food food, but like ce­re­al.
Work­er #2: Oh, shelf food. Yeah.
Work­er #1: Yeah..I would to­tal­ly not buy dis­con­tin­ued ba­nanas. That’s just rank.

1 Eas­t­on Oval
Colum­bus, Ohio