Boss: So that fax ma­chine is jam­ming again? I thought the re­pair­man was just in here fix­ing it? What did he say?
Em­ploy­ee: No, it was that one that he fixed. You switched the fax­es, right? So the good one is up here and the bad one is in the back?
Boss: No. I told you this morn­ing that I was­n’t go­ing to do that be­cause your mom was com­ing in to fax to­mor­row so we might as well just get the bad one fixed.
Em­ploy­ee: Who were you talk­ing to? The re­pair guy? Are you sure you were talk­ing to me?
Boss: No, I was talk­ing to the post.

18 Sycamore Av­enue
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jer­sey

Over­heard by: GrIz­ZlE­bEe!!!