<b>customer service rep:</b> okay… I just hit myself with the bathroom door…
<b>sales manager:</b> you’re just accident prone, aren’t you?
<b>cs:</b> yeah, on a daily basis.
<b>sm:</b> I think my favorite was when you messed up your toe and blamed jane* for leaving the filing drawer open.
<b>cs:</b> that was all jane’s fault! She knows I don’t look down!
<b>sm:</b> didn’t your parents teach you to look where you’re going?
<b>cs:</b> yes, I look ahead of me, in case I walk into a tree or something. Why would I look down?
<b>sm:</b> what if you fall down an open manhole?
<b>cs:</b> where are there manholes?
<b>sm:</b> I forgot, you didn’t grow up in brooklyn. We didn’t have trees, but we were very concerned about open manholes.

Fort Mill, SC