Elderly woman: (hands cashier a Starbucks gift card)
Cashier: Oh. I’m sorry, ma’am, but you can’t redeem this here.
Elderly woman: Why not? It has $25 on it.
Cashier: Because this is a Starbucks card, and you are at Au Bon Pain. You have to use this at a Starbucks.
Elderly woman: That’s stupid. It’s all coffee.
Cashier: Yes, but it’s a different company.
Elderly woman: That’s stupid. You’re stupid. You and your stupid children.
Cashier: Okay, ma’am. I don’t have kids.
Elderly woman: Well, you look like you had some stupid kids out of wedlock on and now all of you are on welfare.
Cashier: Okay, ma’am. Please leave.

Union Square
New York City, New York