Equipment meeting leader: Alright, next on the list is the dishwasher. Randy's been taking care of that. Does anyone want to take over or should we just leave his name on there?
Dept. head: Who's Randy?
Scientist #1: Yeah, he took over that job awhile ago.
Scientist #2: Who's Randy?
Scientist #3, whispering: Isn't it funny how everyone's asking “who's Randy?” Isn't that sort of a personal question?
Equipment meeting leader: So, okay. We'll leave his name there. Randy is in charge of the dishwasher.
Dept. head: But who's Randy? (scattered laughter) Two days later…
Research assistant, coming from dishwasher room: Hey, sorry to interrupt but I have a question. Who's Randy?

Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: facepalm