Gay coworker #1 : Don't talk about blowjobs, I'm going to throw up in my mouth.
Straight coworker #1: That's kind of what it's like.
Straight coworker #2: Balls can be fun.
Gay coworker: You guys are disgusting, I'm closing my ears.
Straight coworker #2: But they're so cute! You can tickle them.
Gay coworker: I don't understand why they have to be visible. Ours our the inside and hidden. I don't need to see your baby sacs.
Straight coworker #1: I just want to play with them.
Straight coworker #2: The other day, on my friend's birthday, him and another guy got up and went to the bathroom together. They were getting a blumpkin.
Gay coworker: What the hell is a blumpkin?
Straight coworker #3: Getting a blowjob on your birthday while taking a shit.
Straight coworker #2: We should make bracelets that say “WSLS.”
Gay coworker: What?
Straight coworker #2: What smells like shit?
Straight coworker #1: Brian would wear that.

McKinney, Texas