Ware­house man­ag­er leav­ing cu­bi­cle #1, to cu­bi­cle #2: Just so you know, we were not whis­per­ing.
Cu­bi­cle #2 dweller: I have my head­phones on, I don’t care what you do.
Ware­house man­ag­er: We weren’t talk­ing about you ei­ther.
Cu­bi­cle #2 dweller: It’s okay if you were. I get talked about a lot. Was it good?
(ware­house man­ag­er pon­ders)
Cu­bi­cle #2 dweller: Not good like pos­i­tive, but gos­sip ful­fill­ing?
Ware­house man­ag­er: Oh! (pause) It was very pos­i­tive.
Cu­bi­cle #2 dweller: Re­al­ly? Well. Well, I was not ex­pect­ing that.

Char­lotte, North Car­oli­na