Of­fice gal #1: Yeah, cause we usu­al­ly have them all laid out: who we’re gonna do, and when.
Of­fice gal #2: We usu­al­ly do them Tues­days and Wednes­days, right Anne?
Of­fice gal #1: Yeah, we do it Mon­day, Tues­day, Wednes­day.
Of­fice gal #2: How many are there to do?
Of­fice gal #1: Eight.
Of­fice gal #2: So that’s two each to do. Do we know who’s do­ing who yet?
Of­fice gal #1: No, that’s why she’s up­set, we don’t have them laid out.

Min­neapo­lis, Min­neso­ta

Over­heard by: That’s Qual­i­ty Con­trol for Ya