Cu­bi­cle guy #1: So your sis­ter had surgery?
Cu­bi­cle guy #2: Yeah, she had a hys­terec­to­my.
Cu­bi­cle guy #1: Oh, wow, so she don’t want more kids.
Cu­bi­cle guy #2: Well, she had a c‑section with the last one and there was so much scar tis­sue in her uterus that she was hav­ing nev­er-end­ing pe­ri­ods and just bleed­ing for months on end. She said she was not do­ing any­thing but bleed­ing and pass­ing golf ball-sized clots and ru­in­ing her fur­ni­ture, clothes, sheets. She was tired of hav­ing re­al­ly bloody pe­ri­ods.
Cu­bi­cle guy #1: Oh.

At­lanta, Geor­gia

Over­heard by: Rachael