Cowork­er #1: I was putting gas in the car and the noz­zle just sprayed out of the gas tank and all over me. If some­one were to light a match, I’d go up in flames. (dis­ap­pears for a short time to change in­to a pair of jeans)
Cowork­er #2, not hav­ing heard the pre­vi­ous sto­ry: Oh my gosh, are you wear­ing jeans?
Cowork­er #1: Yep.
Cowork­er #2: Why?
(cowork­er #1 pro­ceeds to retell the gas-spilling sto­ry)
Cowork­er #2: Oh my gosh, do your oth­er pants smell like gas?
Cowork­er #1, very se­ri­ous­ly: Nope, they smell like lemons.

Ply­mouth, Min­neso­ta