Cowork­er on phone: Are you sit­ting down? Okay… I need you to un­der­stand you do not feed dog food to your sis­ter. What you did was not okay. Your pun­ish­ment is no iPod, no com­put­er, no tele­vi­sion, you are ground­ed to your room. You love to write, right? Well, I want you to go to your room and write a sto­ry of two sis­ters who love each oth­er, but one sis­ter was mean and tricked her sis­ter in­to eat­ing dog food. This sis­ter must apol­o­gize to her sis­ter that she tricked, and to mom and dad. You will read this sto­ry aloud.

Sil­i­con Val­ley