Ac­coun­tant on speak­er: Okay, I tried en­ter­ing my pass­word and it did­n’t work.
Tech: I re­set it to “pass­word.”
Ac­coun­tant on speak­er: Okay, let me try my pass­word again.
Tech: Make sure you type “pass­word.”
Ac­coun­tant on speak­er: It did­n’t work again.
Tech: Iou typed far too many let­ters for the word “pass­word.” Did you type in “pass­word” as your pass­word?
Ac­coun­tant on speak­er: Yu nev­er told me to do that.
Tech: So what part of my sen­tance con­fused you: “Type in the word
‘pass­word’ when it asks you for your pass­word”, or “I re­set it for you, your pass­word is now ‘pass­word.’ ”
Ac­coun­tant on speak­er: I have a CPA, don’t talk to me like that.
Tech: I can make up acronyms too. I’ll be in your of­fice in five
min­utes. In the mean­time, pon­der this one: I’m OMGWTF cer­ti­fied.

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